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Endowed Gifts

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You have the power to help safeguard the future of the the University of Houston. How? By making an endowed gift. Your gift is an investment in our future, helping us serve Houston as a top-tier research university for years to come.

Sharing a Passion for Helping Tomorrow’s Students


Lena and Marc Malacoff have made it their goal to extend their support to help tomorrow's generation of students—specifically in the School of Pharmacy.

Lena, a relief pharmacist and instructor at UH, and Marc were able to establish an endowed scholarship by making a five-year pledge. To fund their gift, the couple took advantage of Marc's employer's offer to match charitable contributions to institutions of higher education two-to-one.

The Malacoffs have also included UH in their estate plans by designating the University as a recipient of a percentage of their estate, which will go to their endowment.

"It's a good feeling to know that when we both pass, we're leaving a little bit of a legacy behind to keep our mission of supporting the students," Marc said.

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Learn How to Fund It

You can create an endowed gift using the following assets:

Next Steps

  1. Seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor.
  2. Contact Andrea Olczak at 713-743-6313 or to discuss endowed gifts.
  3. If you include the the University of Houston in your plans, please use our legal name and federal tax ID.

Legal Name: University of Houston System
Address: 4800 Calhoun Road, Houston, TX 77004
Federal Tax ID Number: 74-6001399

View and download your FREE copy of Endowments: A Never-Ending Legacy.View My Guide