Sharing a Passion for Helping Tomorrow's Students


Marc and Lena Malacoff

Lena and Marc Malacoff have made it their goal to extend their support to help tomorrow's generation of students — specifically in the School of pharmacy.

"I'm very passionate about pharmacy," says Lena, who has spent 30 years in the profession. Today she is a relief pharmacist at Kroger Pharmacy and teaches pharmacy lab classes at UH. Marc is enjoying his 30th year with Halliburton and also loves getting involved with the students. Lena and Marc have reached out in every way they can, including letting Pharmacy students live with them.

Looking to make an even bigger difference, Lena and Marc took advantage of Halliburton's offer to match charitable contributions to institutions of higher education two-to-one. With this benefit, the Malacoffs were able to establish an endowed scholarship in 2006 by making a five-year pledge.

Recently, they completed their estate plans and joined The 1927 Society by designating the University as a recipient of a percentage of their estate, which will go to their endowment. "It's really an easy process," Lena explains. Upon meeting with an attorney, they were able to get all of their legal documents in place and help their most beloved charities.

"It's a good feeling to know that when we both pass, we're leaving a little bit of a legacy behind to keep our mission of supporting the students," Marc says.

Already Marc and Lena have had the ability to see their giving come to life. "Particularly, since we're here in Houston, we see immediate results for what we're doing, and we can participate," Marc says. Each year, they have the joy of meeting their scholarship recipient(s) at a luncheon, and, as Lena says, that means far more than any possession money can buy.